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About Us

Silver Brothers celebrates the beauty, majesty and rich agricultural traditions of our area.

Founder's Vision

Born and raised in the nearby hamlet of Spencertown, Silver Brother’s founder Matt Greitzer, has always wanted to make something that expresses the inherent beauty of this region. Matt appreciates the complexity and variety of approaches possible with whiskey, and research into the area’s agrarian past revealed that rye whiskey had historically been produced in the region. With Silver Brothers, Matt has reimagined the local tradition of whiskey making, placing an emphasis on utilizing artisan ingredients and production methods.

The name “Silver Brothers” refers to Matt’s twin sons, Andrew and Alexander, who share the initials A.G., the elemental symbol of SILVER (Ag).


The Farm at Silver Brothers

This late 18th century property is distinguished for its classically inspired main house and well-preserved rural agricultural landscape. An active farm for over two hundred and fifty years, the property is also the original site of Shaker Museum (founded in 1950) as well as the Old Chatham Sheepherding Co. (c.1990s), which operated the property as a country inn with one of nation’s earliest farm to table restaurants and an expansive sheep dairy that produced artisanal cheese. In 2020 Silver Brothers was established with the intention of continuing the property’s agricultural tradition with a farm distillery dedicated to producing whiskeys from grain grown on the property.

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