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Our Story

Silver Brothers is a terroir-driven whiskey distillery in New York’s Hudson River Valley. Our distillery is situated on a historic 220-acre farm where we grow organic rye and barley to create our Rye Whiskey and American Single Malt Whiskey. 


Our process emphasizes traditional methods and harnesses the unique characteristics of our location to create a whiskey with a true sense of place.


Our first production commenced 2023, and we expect our first release in the winter of 2025. 

The Farm at Silver Brothers

An active farm for over two hundred and fifty years, the property is also the original site of Shaker Museum (founded in 1950) as well as the Old Chatham Sheepherding Co. (c.1990s), which operated the property as a country inn with one of nation’s earliest farm to table restaurants and an expansive sheep dairy that produced artisanal cheese.


In 2020 Silver Brothers was established with the intention of continuing the property’s agricultural tradition with a farm distillery dedicated to producing whiskeys from grain grown on the property.


Silver Brothers

155 Shaker Museum Road

Old Chatham, NY 12136


Although we are not yet open to the general public, we currently offer distillery tours for press and industry professionals. To schedule a tour, please email

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