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Our Whiskeys

We produce two types of whiskey:

Rye and American Single Malt.


Our Rye Whiskey is a combination of malted rye, un-malted rye, and malted barley.  A seven-day fermentation process produces great complexity and depth of flavor which are accentuated via our "low-and-slow" distillation process.  We use several different types of rye and barley to emphasize different flavor profiles, and our resulting spirit is characterized by stone fruits, fresh-cut-hay, and a subtle, underlying spice.  We anticipate all of our Rye Whiskeys will be bottled under the Empire Rye designation, a signature of quality and provenance for New York State rye.


Our American Single Malt is 100% malted barley, and also undergoes a seven-day fermentation. We use no peat or wood-smoke in our production process, resulting in a light, fruit-forward whiskey. 

Silver Brothers

155 Shaker Museum Road

Old Chatham, NY 12136


Although we are not yet open to the general public, we currently offer distillery tours for press and industry professionals. To schedule a tour, please email

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